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Vanessa evicted with 86% of the voteDan escapes the public vote


25th June - Vanessa has been evicted following a two week public vote, and the vote set a new Big Brother record with Vanessa getting an overwhelming 86% of the vote.

Vanessa left the house and was greeted by loads of boos and jeers.


19th June 2004 - After an amazing week in the Big Brother house, the housemates were told tonight that Emma who has been in the bedsit since the big bust up earlier in the week, will not return and is to leave the Big Brother house.

The housemates looked stunned as Dan read the following statement from Big Brother :

"Big Brother appreciates that following last Wednesday's events, the group remaining in the house have resolved many of their issues. However, Big Brother is concerned that Emma's return may increase the risk of a repeat incident.

"Big Brother does not think Emma is any more to blame for the events of Wednesday night anyone else, but believes that this is the best course of action to ensure the welfare and safety of all the housemates.

"Emma would like to pass on the following message... Hi everyone, love you loads. Hope to see you soon. Lots of love and snogs, Em."


Kitten first now Emma leaves the Big Brother house


Emma being wound up by her buddy Victor !Michelle - tears at bedtime as Stuart flirts with the ladies !


12th June - Day 16 - last night the public votes were counted and Emma and Michelle were the lucky housemates heading off to the Big Brother Bedsit !

Information has been released giving the voting figures from last week's public vote. By the time the lines had closed on Friday night, 387,168 viewers had cast their vote.

Michelle totaled 54% of the votes - while Emma received 28% of the votes.

Ahmed (shock) got only 16% of the public vote.


11th June - We're back, sorry for the lack of updates but I've been on my holidays ! - As you already know, today is the when we get the results from the first public vote, which two will it be Ahmed, Emma or Michelle going into the Big Brother Bedsit - click here for all the voting details

Check out this picture of the Big Brother Bedsit - click here


Marco and Michelle


We will miss you Kitty ?Kitten evicted


4th June 2004 - Day 8 Big Brother has changed there mind and there was no false eviction tonight but just after 10pm tonight Big Brother announced it was Kitten who was to be evicted, although Kitten soon announced I'm not going anywhere, Big Brother was one step ahead of Kitten and when she refused to go the housemates were told to watch the plasma screen which was displaying the £100,000 prize money they were told for every 10 seconds Kitten remained over her time the prize money would start dropping by a £1000 ! Kitten then gave up her fight exiting the Big Brother house giving a one fingered salute, to in her words the Queen and the aristocracy ! although the prize money had already dropped to £91,000 !



4th June 2004 - Well it's time for Big Brother's first eviction or is it ? Will we have the fake eviction as Davina hinted at last week or will a housemate, maybe Kitten be for the chop ? Big Brother's team have been locked in talks deciding on how to tackle Kittens rule breaking - Does she stay and boost the ratings or are we just sick of her antics and be glad to see the back of her ? All will be revealed later ?

More eviction news later


Kitten in tears


Evicted if they carry on rule breaking !


1st June 2004 - It's Day 5 and the housemates have been given a FINAL warning because of Kittens repeated rule breaking that included trying to pick the lock on the fridge to get to all the beers and removing the garden statue to the diary room !

Big Brother issued a laminated card with the following written on it :

"Big Brother has issued one housemate with two formal warnings for constant rule-breaking. If this housemate is given one more warning, a housemate will be evicted, with the time of this eviction and the person to be evicted decided at Big Brother's discretion."

Kitten reacted by saying "I always break the rules even when I'm on my best behavior," she said. "We need to come up with a plan to keep me in order!"


30th May 2004 - Following Jason showing us his bare buttocks on Sunday, Shell decided it was her turn to show the boys a thing or two - Casually walking into the garden Michelle shouted out "She has her bum out!" and sure enough she did ! there she was showing it for all to see, wearing just the kitchen apron. !

Meanwhile Michelle and Stuart have shared their first kiss during a saucy game of dares. They puckered up in the treatment room - which the housemates have dubbed the Love Shack. Michelle has already confessed to Marco that she fancies Stuart, So when a group of housemates began playing dares, Marco tried to help the romance along by daring Stuart to kiss her. Stuart began by planting lingering kisses on Michelle's neck then explained: "I can't do tongues because I've been eating onions, unless I get a toothbrush break."But he eventually went for a kiss on the lips, to Michelle's obvious delight.



Shells botty !


The girls turn up the heat !


30th May 2004 - It's Day 3 and the housemates are getting to know each other and revealing one or two secrets. The press seem to have they money on the girls turning the heat up this year and when you look at the housemates sexual preferences you can see why ! So far we know the following :

Michelle and Emma like girls and boys, Marco likes boys, Dan likes boys, but only if they’re straight and Kitten just likes girls. Then we have Victor, Jason and Stuart, the Big Brother love machines who like girls. Vanessa the undresser (as quoted by her friends) really likes boys,while Shell likes sheep, Ya she does. Then we have Nadia, I’m confused there !


29th May 2004 - Is Kitten trying to get her self thrown out of the Big Brother House ?, during the Live task tonight, she refused to come to the diary room when asked to by Big Brother. All the housemates were called to the diary room and asked by Big Brother to pick the housemate who least deserved to have their suitcase for their entire stay. Because of Kitten's disruptive attitude during the first day could have been why she was nominated by half of the housemates and got the most votes. She also got one extra vote, from herself for not coming taking part in the task ! So Kitten will be the housemate with no suitcase for her entire stay, although that might not be that long !

First Eviction News !

Davina announced tonight at the end of the live task that there will be no nominations or public vote this week, but on Friday the housemates will decide who is the first to leave the Big Brother House, but and there is a but, the housemate will not leave the house entirely and unknown to the remaining housemates they will go to a secret room where they will be able to watch on at the housemates who evicted them and perhaps have their revenge on them !


Hello Sailor !


Marco Arrives Vanessa arrives


29th May 2004 - Channel 4 recorded record viewing figures last night drawing a peak of 7.2 million viewers for the live launch show, The live launch show hosted by Davina McCall followed the last ever episode of Friends that drew in over 9 million viewers.

The housemates got off to a noisy start this morning with an early morning call from Big Brother, an alarm sounded in the house at 9.32am and rang until all the housemates were up ! including Kitten who had been up all night and had only got to bed at 8.15am. When the alarm stopped she sneaked back into bed but there is no hiding from Big Brother so the alarm sounded yet again so up she got but not for long, crashing out on the coach sleeping through the alarm as it sounded again ! - Big Brother is getting EVIL .

More on the LIVE task here soon


28th May 2004 - The 12 new housemates have now entered the Big Brother House, there are 6 girls and 6 boys and they are :

Marco, 21 from Middlesex
Ahmed 44 from Somalia
Jason 30 from Glasgow
Daniel 30 from Hull
Stuart 20 from Macclesfield
Victor 23 from London
Vanessa 26 from South Africa
Emma 20 from Oldham
Kitten 24 from Brighton
Michelle 23 from Newcastle
Shell 21 from Glasgow
Nadia 27 from Surrey originally from Portugal

Davina has announced that the first live task will take place tomorrow(Sat) night live on Channel 4 at 9.05pm - The housemates have come into the house with just an overnight bag thinking they will get their suitcases very soon, however only 11 will arrive as the person who loses the task will not be reunited with their suitcase for the duration of their stay in the Big Brother house !


Jason arrives !

More pics of the housemates arriving tonight here

Alex from Big Brother 2003 in the shower ! Here

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